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Yap traditionally refers to an island group located in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean, a part of Yap State. The name “Yap” in recent years has come to also refer to the state within the Federated States of Micronesia.

Yap is famous for the thousands of huge round stone ‘coins’ scattered around the island. It’s also a cultural hub and does a fantastic job of celebrating indigenous art – some of which you can see at the Ethnic Art Village. If you happen to be in Yap during March, you can join in the ‘Yap Day’ celebrations, where the free-spirited Yapese celebrate their culture – it’s plenty of fun.

Micronesia Travel Insurance


Palau is a country located in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Micronesia region. Also, Palau occupies the extreme western part of the Carolines archipelago of which the central and eastern part is occupied by the country of Micronesia.

This place is one of unprecedented natural beauty, but its most spectacular scenery resides below its waters. In an enclosed lake in the middle of some steep-sided rock mountains, you can swim among a mass of gently pulsating golden jellyfish which have lost their ability to sting.  Referred to as ‘the underwater Serengeti’, its pristine limestone landscape, iridescent blue-green lagoon, and leafy green forest will steal your heart.

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Micronesia Travel Insurance


The European continent is located completely in the northern hemisphere and mainly in the eastern hemisphere. Europe borders onto the Arctic Ocean in the North, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the South. There are 50 countries in Europe with a total of more than 748 million people living on the continent in 2021.

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There are 49 countries in Asia according to the UN. The 10 biggest countries are listed in the right column of this page. Two of the Asian countries, Russia and Turkey, also share part of their territory on the European continent. Additionally there are two countries that only have limited international recognition: State of Palestine and Republic of China/Taiwan and some dependencies. Asia is the most populous continent with more than 4.7 billion people living there. (2022)

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There are 54 countries in Africa – and 9 dependent territories. More than 1.3 billion people live on the African continent. This means about 15% of the world’s total population live in Africa! Even though Nigeria is only a third of the size of Algeria, it is the most populous country in Africa, with more than 219 million people.

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There are 23 countries in North America (see list of the ten biggest countries on the right) and 9 dependencies with a total of more than 590 million people living on the continent. Largest Country: Canada. The country is covering almost half the North American continent’s land area. Canada is slightly bigger than the USA and about as big as China.
Micronesia Travel Insurance


Oceania is in a continental group consisting of 14 countries and includes Pacific islands and Australia. Often Australia is named as a continent, but this means that the many islands and countries except Australia would then be not included. Oceania in fact is mostly ocean and spans a vast area as you can see below.

Micronesia Travel Insurance

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