We are blessed to live in a world where beauty isn’t running low. For many people, traveling simply is an opportunity to get to see this world and explore its beauty up close. Some trips that include exploring nature are more low profile (i.e., relaxing trail walks); whereas other trips can be more ‘extreme’ forms of exploring nature – which inevitably come with some risks. That’s why, nature lovers and explorers will benefit a lot from a travel insurance policy!

Here are our Top 3 Destinations for Nature Lovers

#1. Costa Rica!

A big portion of Costa Rica is covered in rainforests, whereas across its coastline you can enjoy over 250 beaches. In addition, national parks, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the La Amistad Reserve and National Park are great ways to explore this gem of a country.

#2. Brazil!

Whether you prefer wetlands, vast deserts, or rainforests – Brazil has got natural wonders that can satisfy any taste and preference! The Amazon Rainforest can be accessed by Manaus city in Brazil; and the Iguazu Falls offer such a beautiful, tranquil, and exciting at the same time experience.

#3. Vietnam!

Popular amongst backpackers, Vietnam is rightfully one of the most nature-rich places to visit. Its countless bays, such as Halong bay, offer not only a sneak peek at the natural wonders of the country, but also interesting and rich culinary experiences!

Why do I need travel insurance?

As mentioned above, a trip aimed at exploring natural beauty can often come with some risks! After all, what’s an explorer without a scratch? Other than the fact that a travel insurance policy secures you for medical expenses and unforeseen events, it also accounts for other random little things that can happen and can potentially impact your trip! Our policy includes medical coverage, cover for lost baggage, flight or trip cancellations, accidents, and other losses that might happen while traveling abroad.

Lastly, unexpected events don’t always imply something negative happening! If you are one of those people who enjoy spontaneity in their lives, you might end up wanting to change the entire course of your trip just because you met new friends or want to explore more places! If you like to plan ahead though, you may find yourself having to choose between losing a lot of money from bookings or losing quality time and experiences with new people. A travel insurance policy can help reduce financial losses and give you the option to change your itinerary at any moment you wish!

So, get a quote!

At SoEasy Travel Insurance, we want to make your travels worry-free, and thus we aim to meet our client’s needs with our variety of quotes (i.e., to cover the duration of your trip). Get a quote now and get ready to pack!