Canada, the second largest country in the world, located in North America, usually blows away its visitors and inhabitants with its untouched nature and beautiful scenery. There are so many reasons to visit Canada, and thus the trip might be worth securing with an inclusive and cost-effective travel insurance policy.

A few fun facts about Canada!

Canada is well known for its outdoors and natural wonders. It is perhaps one of the best places to visit for nature lovers, hikers, and explorers alike! The Northern Lights in the Yukon, variety of food, iconic cities, and special wildlife are only a few reasons why people choose Canada as their travel destination!

The country doesn’t lack in its history either. Colonization also left its influence on Canada, which is apparent today through the country’s official languages (French and English) and its power system (Monarchy). Another interesting fact is that Canada has the longest coastline worldwide, ranging from more than 201973 kilometers!

Why do I need travel insurance?

There are a lot of reasons to visit the country! One of which is the insatiable landscapes and outdoor activities it provides! Therefore, a travel insurance policy is perhaps more than necessary when taking such adventurous trips!

Other than the fact that a travel insurance policy secures you for medical expenses and unforeseen events, it also accounts for other random little things that can happen and can potentially impact your trip! Our policy includes medical coverage, cover for lost baggage, flight or trip cancellations, accidents, and other losses that might happen while traveling abroad.

Lastly, unexpected events don’t always imply something negative is happening! If you are one of those people who enjoy spontaneity in their lives, you might end up wanting to change the entire course of your trip just because you met new friends or want to explore more places! If you also like to plan ahead though, you may find yourself having to choose between losing a lot of money from bookings or losing quality time and experiences with new people. A travel insurance policy can help reduce financial losses and give you the option to change your itinerary at any moment you wish!

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