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If you are planning a trip to the Wake Islands you may highly benefit from our Wake Islands Travel Insurance.

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Travel  insurance is  a  type  of insurance that covers the costs and  losses  associated with traveling. It is a plan you purchase that protects you from certain financial risks that can occur while traveling, such as a delayed suitcase, a trip cancellation, or a medical emergency overseas. Helps travelers deal with various contingencies that can occur during their trips.

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This insurance is significant because it offers travelers peace of mind and financial protection. It ensures that they are not burdened with exorbitant costs in case of unexpected incidents such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, or other unforeseen events during their travels.

Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is more than just protection; it's your ticket to peace of mind. It goes beyond addressing health risks and travel disruptions; it empowers you to immerse yourself in the Honduran experience fully.


best places to visit in the wake islands

Battle of Wake Island 

The Battle of Wake Island was a battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought on Wake Island. It began simultaneously with the attack on Pearl Harbor Naval and Air bases in Hawaii and ended with the surrender of American forces to the Empire of Japan.

98 Rock is a worth-visiting memorial that is built and maintained in the memory of the 98 U.S. Prisoners of War. These US prisoners were forced to recreate the airstrip by the Japanese captors and then they were killed in 1943. One of the prisoners escaped and scratched “98 US PW 5-10-43” on a huge coral rock on the island. The rock large rock still bears the original inscription.

Wake Islands Travel Insurance

Wake Island

The Wake Island coral atoll, with its surrounding marine waters, has been recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International for its sooty tern colony.

Therefore, for anyone fond of watching various kinds of bird species, Wake Island is a great location. You can find here numerous beautiful birds flying in the sky. Some of the common birds here are albatrosses, terns, snipe, one of the species of railbird, shorebirds, boobies, shearwaters, frigates, and tropicbirds.

Wake Islands Travel Insurance



Wake Islands Travel Insurance


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Wake Islands Travel Insurance


There are 49 countries in Asia according to the UN. The 10 biggest countries are listed in the right column of this page. Two of the Asian countries, Russia and Turkey, also share part of their territory on the European continent. Additionally there are two countries that only have limited international recognition: State of Palestine and Republic of China/Taiwan and some dependencies. Asia is the most populous continent with more than 4.7 billion people living there. (2022)

Wake Islands Travel Insurance


There are 54 countries in Africa – and 9 dependent territories. More than 1.3 billion people live on the African continent. This means about 15% of the world’s total population live in Africa! Even though Nigeria is only a third of the size of Algeria, it is the most populous country in Africa, with more than 219 million people.

Wake Islands Travel Insurance


There are 23 countries in North America (see list of the ten biggest countries on the right) and 9 dependencies with a total of more than 590 million people living on the continent. Largest Country: Canada. The country is covering almost half the North American continent’s land area. Canada is slightly bigger than the USA and about as big as China.
Wake Islands Travel Insurance


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Wake Islands Travel Insurance

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