Located in east-central Africa, Burundi – or the heart of Africa – is one of the places you will not regret visiting. Often caught up in a Westernized way of life and thinking, we forget that there are other ways to live and are ignorant of problems that some people must face every day. Visiting countries with cultures so different from our own can be both eye-opening and humbling. Nevertheless, a travel insurance policy is always a good way to start planning your trip!

Why visit Burundi?

Lake Tanganyika is a must-see for nature lovers and admirers of various species of animals. The Lake is considered to be the longest and one of the oldest reserves of fresh water and it’s not a surprise to see crocodiles, hippos, and endemic species of fish there. Rusizi, Kibira, and Ruvubu National Parks are some of the most visited and astonishing natural landscapes to experience while in Burundi! Lastly, the culture of this place is something to strike you for life. The Gishora Drum Sanctuary is just an example of this rich culture, which was also included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Do I need a travel insurance policy to travel to Burundi?

The country is a gem to visit, but also one of the most underdeveloped countries of the globe. Thus a lot of illnesses and diseases exist and can be dangerous if travelers don’t take care of themselves both before and during their trip! You can check the advised vaccinations before traveling to Burudnig here!

In addition, missed flights, lost baggage, medical expenses, and other unforeseen circumstances, are all part of some trips and combine to create stress and financial burdens.

However, not all unforeseen events are negative! You might end up making some good friends along the way, which might turn your plans upside down. A travel insurance policy can help reduce financial losses and give you the option to change your itinerary at any moment you wish!

Our policy includes medical coverage, cover for lost baggage, flight or trip cancellations, accidents, and other losses that might happen while traveling abroad.

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